Star Wars Fans Reckon This Is The Real Love Story in The Force Awakens

Such is the magnitude of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that it’s already spawning fan-created spin-off fiction and art. Some of it’s fairly pedestrian, but there’s one area that’s got particularly steamy particularly quickly, and that’s in the slash fiction department – ‘adult romance’ fiction, essentially – depicting romances between Poe and Finn.

According to the below tweet, there were 81 of these ‘slash fics’ on fan-fiction website Archive Of Our Own yesterday afternoon (December 21) – four days after the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One day later and there are nearly 40 more.

As well as all the fiction – there must be tens of thousands of words already – there’s plenty of art too, under the portmanteau hashtags #stormpilot and #finnpoe. Fans ‘ship’ (that’s a verb) a relationship they approve of, and this is some of the stuff the Stormpilot fandom are, er, shippin’…

Among all the trashy romance there are some pretty real points.

And some people think it could almost be a ‘canon’ thing – mainly because of something Oscar Isaac said on Ellen recently.

And because of this moment at the premiere

And because of these moments, too?

If it were true it’d actually be a cool and groundbreaking move for a Disney film:

So, yeah. Your move, Disney.