This German Guy Made The World’s First Concrete Record – And Here’s What It Sounds Like

The vinyl revival is well and truly in full steam, even if a certain Noel Gallagher doesn’t think it’s going to last. Sales are at the highest point in 26 years, revenue is bigger than that of streaming services and even Tesco are getting in on the action and restocking vinyl records.

Such is the demand for the ol’ LP that we keep seeing more and more creative ways to press vinyl records, and just as innovative ways to store our collections, but one German engineer called Ricardo Kocadag has topped everything by producing what is thought to be the world’s first vinyl record made out of concrete.

The concrete record is 6mm thick and features a slightly groggy-sounding version of the Rolling Stones’ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’. But what does it actually sound like? Find out below.

Die Beton-Schallplatte in Aktion.

So klingt die erste Schallplatte aus Beton. Wir hatten den Erfinder zu Gast im Studio. Wie er auf die Idee kam und was das Ganze soll, erzählt er im Interview auf BLN.FM

Posted by BLN.FM on Tuesday, 29 December 2015