This Granny Rocking Out To AC/DC Is Redefining Our Aging Goals

We’re always told that age is just a number, but when you return to your first year haunts at the end of uni, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. Your hair has turned grey, your cynicism is ripe, and your hangovers are now so awful that freshers ordering sambuca shots makes you shudder with disgust.

But whilst our livers may change, our love for a good tune is never ending. And that is how one Scottish OAP became an inspiration to music nerds everywhere over the weekend.

When she heard a cover band playing AC/DC in her home town of Paisley, she didn’t just nod her head and walk on by. She let go of her zimmer frame and ROCKED THE FUCK OUT.

The pensioner danced to ‘Highway To Hell’, played the air guitar and clapped her hands in the middle of the street. As her performance drew to a close, she received a round of applause from shoppers and took a bow as a mark of her appreciation. Over 800,000 people have watched the ‘RAWKIN GRAN’ video.

So the next time you hear Mumford & Sons playing on the underground, don’t sneer and walk on past. Lip sync a little, bust a move, and whatever your age, never stop rocking. Brb, gonna dig out my air guitar.