This Is What Happens When Rock Stars Go On Newsnight

Alex Turner turned up on Newsnight on Monday (September 9) to talk about the new Arctic Monkeys record. He was on good form, talking about using the X Factor as something to “kick against”, admitting that he still takes his washing home to his mum and, while discussing the hip-hop influences on the album, telling interviewer Stephen Smith that he “spits nothing but truth”.

The BBC’s flagship news debate programme doesn’t have many rock’n’roll guests (although Dave Grohl does get everywhere), but here’s five memorable moments from when musicians have found themselves in the hotseats usually reserved for Cameron, Clegg and co.:

Shopping with Odd Future
Stephen Smith all but donned a pith helmet when he travelled to East London for a strained, cringe-inducing interview with Odd Future in which he argued that they’re business visionaries for promoting merch over traditional records. A typically candid Tyler, The Creator let him know that he knew exactly what was going on. Asked what his lyrics were about, he replied: “Nothing. Shit to piss old white people off like you.”

Mark E Smith on the death of John Peel
The Fall may have been John Peel’s favourite band (because they’re always different, but always the same) but you have to think that the researcher who suggested putting Mark E Smith in front of a camera must have been having a laugh at Gavin Esler’s expense. It ended with Smith asking: “Are you the next one? Are you the new DJ?” Here’s one typical exchange:
Gavin Esler: “[John Peel playing your music] must have been an incredible compliment?”
Mark E Smith: (sticks tongue out and waggles it around) (pauses) “What, for The Fall? Me and John had an agreement. We were never friends or anything. He was always objective, that’s what I admired about him.”

Dizzee Rascal talks to Paxman after Obama’s win
Jeremy Paxman looked utterly bemused by the task of getting Dizzee Rascal’s take on Barack Obama becoming the first black president of the USA. Dizzee’s in high spirits, though, so Paxman eventually asks: “Why don’t you run for office?”
Dizzee: “See, that’s a very good idea. I might have to do that one day. Dizzee Rascal for Prime Minister, yeah? What’s happenin’?”

Pete Doherty on “staying out of harm’s way”
Even back in 2005 lots of people were already getting bored of Pete Doherty’s on-going attempts at self-sabotage. After telling Kirsty Wark that he aws trying to look after himself and had three anti-heroin implants, she asked: “What about crack cocaine?” He responds by singing under his breath for a bit and then asking “Crack cocaine? What are you getting at?”

Noel Gallagher on politics
A typically outspoken Noel Gallagher interview features plenty of politics, although little advice for those over rival siblings the Milibands. The best bit might be Noel revealing exactly what Tony Blair said to him at that famous ‘Cool Britannia’ party at 10 Downing Street: “He said: “Thank you very much. You are brilliant. You are what Great Britain is all about.” I said: I know. Thank you very much. Where’s the bar?”