This Is What It Was Like Inside Kanye’s ‘TLOP’ Pop-Up Shop

Kanye West announced on Thursday (March 17) that he’d be opening up a pop-up shop for three days, from Friday 18 to Sunday 20. It was in New York City’s Soho district, on Wooster Street. For Kanye fans in the city it was a huge event.


From Friday to Sunday there was a huge, round-the-block line that forced police to shut the street down. Kanye himself was the first to note it, and much of the news about the event focussed on its immense popularity.

[2/3] Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy They Line Up For Days. #streetbeast

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Day 3

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One of the best clips of the event is this pizza moment

Ofc the yeezy fam hooked it up with the free pizza @zur97 @__obviously

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Once you got inside, though, it was surprisingly spacious, and pretty arty, too. Customers were let in slowly to the large space and some were reportedly limited to two items each after some products started selling out.

[3/3] Father Stretch My Hands.

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#pablo 83 Wooster

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The walls had loads of projections of wolves and other stuff to tie in with Kanye’s lyrics.

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That was everyone’s face on the line for some ye #tlop

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This trio is all over the ‘Facts’ lyrics

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Here are some of the denim jackets and t-shirts close up.

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THE KANYE / PABLO POP UP WAS LIT #LIFEOFPABLO – congrats @kellyvaughn527 so proud of u

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I waited a long time and then only took a 5 second video of inside. #oops

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The dressing rooms were slightly less spacious than the shopping floor – this fan has bagged himself a pair of Yeezys

This photo is a pretty accurate summary of the feeling fans had when they got out with a piece of the prized merch.

the life of luka. #tlop

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Some of it is good enough for Kanye too – he wore this tee in February, paying tribute to his mother, Donda West, and his late father-in-law, Robert Kardashian.

But of course, it was pretty expensive – tees were about $40 and bomber jackets were $350. Price-wise this kid had it right.


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