This Is What Kurt Cobain’s House Looks Like Now

If you’re a Nirvana fan, the address 171 Lake Washington Boulevard East, Seattle should be instantly recognizable. It is, of course, the house in which Kurt Cobain’s body was found on April 8, 1994. His final home – and the site of his suicide – is a pretty grand pad, but it’s been almost two decades since anyone to do with the Nirvana frontman has lived there.

After his suicide Courtney Love demolished the greenhouse in which he killed himself – which you can see above, complete with a policeman surverying the site after the suicide – and the place was sold in 1997 for $2,895,000, which was almost twice what he paid for it.


Despite that, people remain fascinated by the house, which was built in 1902. Fans making the trek to the property however, usually end up disappointed. High fences mean it’s impossible to get a look at the house, so most make do with sitting on the bench at the nearby Viretta Park which has become a de-facto tribute – scrawled with lyrics from Nirvana songs and often with a candle burning in memory of the dead frontman.

However, a cunning fan recently decided to pop his camera under the fence, and came out with one of the first looks at the house the general public has seen in years. The pic – which you can see above – was posted on Reddit earlier this month.

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