This is what the Glastonbury site looks like right now – and it isn’t pretty

Tried desperately to get a Glastonbury ticket but didn’t manage it? Well now is your time to feel wonderfully smug, as it transpires that all this unseasonable weather we’ve been having has – surprise, surprise – turned Worthy Farm into something of a mud bath.

A member of the festival crew has been tweeting pics of the site’s progress over the weekend, and a recent update shows exactly what kind of state it’s in. If you’re not going, prepare to experience feelings of sheer eleation. If you are going, get ready to weep. And if you haven’t bought wellies yet, please use your lunchbreak wisely, and get yourself to the shops to buy all of the waterproofs.

Not ideal.

Ah well, we’ve braved worse, right? The squelchiness of 2009. The flash floods of 2005. The muddy rivers of 1998. That time a guy bought a canoe with him. We survived that. We can survive this.

The forecast for the weekend itself has been chopping and changing, but as things stand, the rain doesn’t look set to let up, with showers predicted for Saturday. See you under the covers of the John Peel Tent then, yeah?