This Little Girl Has Created Your New Favourite Video Game Character

Tech entrepreneurs designers get younger every day, don’t they? None younger than this little girl, who has designed the new must-play video game. Well, sort of. Video game enthusiast Shane Hickey sent this tweet to the creator of popular multiplayer first-person shoot Overwatch:

That’s a design for a character named Birst, created by Hickey’s young daughter Ava. Birst, as you can see, is capable of flying and jumping “soo high”and also packs a handy boomerang. All in all, Birst seems like a total badass, and an undeniably great character for a video game. Still, the tweet is little more than a nice little thumbs up from a proud father, right? Well, presumably that’s all he meant it to be, though the Overwatch team clearly took some inspiration from it.

Initially they replied that they loved Birst:

They followed up a day later with a fleshed out illustration of the character. Or, as some who have followed this on social media are calling it, “fan art”.

Shane captured Ava’s reaction on camera.

Isn’t that almost unbearably adorable? The next step, surely, is for Birst to become a fully playable character. And then for Ava to rise through the ranks as one of the most sought-after designers in the business. After that, world domination. Your move, Ava.