This London Band Are Giving Away £4k In An Online Treasure Hunt

There are many ways a band can blow their record label’s cash: popping champagne, insisting on only ever travelling by private jet or even just burning one million quid in the name of art.

This little-known indie band MOONES, however, have found a rather inventive way of converting their music video budget into actual quantifiable publicity. Rather than simply releasing another tired clip of live footage spliced with shots of the band looking really very serious, the London band have instead launched their own virtual scavenger hunt via Youtube.

The group are offering up £4,000 to whoever can find a piece of gum stuck to a random wall in the English capital. On the back of the gum lies a special code, with the first person to tweet it to the band bagging the big prize. Every time the video reaches a bigger viewing milestone, the camera will zoom out, giving more clues away about its location.

Sure, it’s a very cynical and transparent way of garnering some online buzz – but hey, who doesn’t want £4k in time for Christmas? Get scavenging.