This Fan Theory Has Predicted The Release Date Of A New Stone Roses Album

We love fan theories. They’re a beautiful mixture of delusion, nerdiness and hope by fans who are praying that their hypothesis will be proven true. Plenty of them end up being laughably wrong. But we really want this one to be true.

Fansite onelovestory2013 has done some brilliant digging and come to this conclusion – The Stone Roses will release a new album on July 1, 2016. Here’s the logic:

Firstly, the fan points out that The Stone Roses’ comeback single, ‘All For One’ will be released on 7” vinyl on July 1st. Or 1/7/16. They also noted that the picture used to advertise the record had four distinct grooves – perhaps indicating that the record was in fact one side of an album, with four tracks.

Could that be a mistake? Or just a generic stock image? Perhaps. But it all gets a bit murkier when the fan notes that the picture has since changed, and now displays a record with appears to show eight tracks. Covering their tracks maybe? A double-album? See the picture below for a slice of evidence.

If that wasn’t proof enough, there’s more. By dissecting the artwork, the fan has pointed out SEVEN instances of the number ONE. The fan notes that in the shadows of the letters ‘LLFRNE’, there appears to be the number one. This appears six times on the artwork, with the final occurrence being the letter ‘One’, of course.

We’re then left with the bold claim: ‘That makes a total of 7×1=7=7.1=July 1.’

Of course, you have to use the American style of date ordering (7/1/16), but we’ll go with that. They then add, “It now appears that fans of The Stone Roses who order the 7″ may get all of the new album for the price of a ONE sided 7″ single. All for one. 1 for All… on 7.1 or 1.7 aka July 1.”

That’s a lot to take in, and there’s some serious reaching to be made. But come on, ‘All For One’, let’s will this to happen.