This Man Covering The Beatles While Undergoing Brain Surgery Is The Maddest Thing You’ll Watch All Week

The Beatles are probably the most covered act in music history, right? Even so, we doubt you’ve seen a rendition of a Fab Four song quite like this before, though. Bow down before the badass that is 33-year-old medical patient Anthony Kullkamp Dias. Kept awake in an operation to remove a tumour from his brain so that doctors could monitor his motor functions, the Brazilian strummed a number of songs including the timeless Macca-penned ‘Yesterday’. For those of us bereft of musical talent, who struggle on guitar without a surgeon prodding and poking around in our skulls, it’s particularly amazing. Dias – a banker, who’s played the guitar for 20 years and also plays the accordion, keyboards, trumpet and the flute – told reporters afterwards that 90% of his tumour was successfully removed, which is good news. Witness his talents for yourself below but watch out – it gets a bit gruesome towards the end of the clip.