This Manic Video Has Adele’s ‘Hello’ in 25 Different Styles, Including Green Day, Lil Wayne And Boyband Pop

This is actually amazing. Most viral videos are of cats doing the darndest things or politicians who’ve been caught smoking the darndest things, but there’s some serious talent on display here.

Anthony Vincent, a 28-year-old musician with more than 1.5m YouTube subscribers, went viral last year when he recorded Katy Perry’s song ‘Dark Horse’ in 20 different styles. At the time he told Rolling Stone: “I’ve been trying to find a niche on YouTube for a very long time and I think I finally found it.”

His YouTube channel Ten Seconds Songs has continued to plough a similar furrow and now Vincent’s struck gold once more, somehow cramming Adele’s smash-hit single ‘Hello’ into – appropriately enough, given her album’s title – 25 different styles.

Recorded in Port Chester, a town 30 miles from New York, the track turns the Tottenham crooner’s piano ballad into a punk track a la Green Day, a Backstreet Boys-style pop song and even douses it in sizzurp as he mimics Lil Wayne for a couple bars.

“With these projects and covers, singing comes secondary and actual production, instrumentation and weaving it all together, is my focus,” Vincent has said. Check out the fruits of his labour below.