Every Noise Ever, The Interactive Musical Map Of Every Genre Ever, Will Blow Your Mind

What’s your favourite type of music? The death knell question of a thousand dreaded Tinder dates. Mate, no-one has a favourite type of music any more, it’s 2016. The only answer you’re ever going to get to that is a mumbled, “I’m into a bit of everything, really.” And then you will go home alone, as you will die alone.

Anyway, to prove how comfortably literally every type of music can co-exist side-by-side, this ‘mind map’, entitled Every Noise Ever, includes every different genre ever made ever. You click on one of the 1,387 genres – from the ubiquitous, such as “pop”, to the rather less well known, such as college marching band and glitch hop – and are provided with an example. So dance-punk translates as a clip os ‘My Number’ by Foals, while indie R&B is defined by The Weeknd’s hit single ‘Can’t Feel My Face’.

Every Noise Ever was created by Spotify-owned music data website The Echo Nest, partly with the intention of turning users on to stuff they might not usually listen to: “Maps are, after all, as much machines for getting lost as they are for finding yourself. There are probably things on this map you’ve never imagined. It probably contains things that you don’t yet realise you love, and branching points where you will be amazed and thrilled to have veered.” Since it’s Spotify-owned, there’s also an exhaustive playlist.

You can stumble manually from genre to genre, or be given a randomised guided tour through them. Or you can sue the search tool to find out which genre(s) your favourite artists fall into – Foals are categorised as “dance-punk, new rave, alternative dance, math pop, indietronica, indie rock”. See, this genre lark is more complicated than it seems.