This Netflix Hack Will Make Your Life So Much Better

Laptop? Check. Junk food? Check. Mood lighting? Check. It’s been a long day at the office/Uni/wherever else, and all you want to do after a hard day’s grind is collapse into bed, load up Netflix, and let an entire season of your favourite show wash over you. Aaah, sweet relief.

But hold on – what’s this? Why isn’t the next episode of Narcos loading like the four before it did seamlessly? You begrudgingly sit up from your watching stupor to be confronted by this insult of a message: “Are you still watching [insert show name here]?” It’s a mild annoyance, given the state of the world, but hey, anything that interrupts a good Netflix and chill is ripe ground for getting incandescently irate, as you aggressively retort “Yes, I’m STILL FUCKING WATCHING YOU BAS…” as you wrestle your laptop to the floor.

Thankfully, however, there is a way around this painful scenario: Flix Assist, which you can download as an extension on Google Chrome here, really is the answer to your Netflix binge prayers. Simply download this extension and you’ll never have to be bothered by the streaming service’s needy requests mid-watch ever again. And, as an added bonus, it also removes the next episode countdown that wastes precious seconds of watching time between episodes.

So there you have it – thanks to this nifty hack, you can indulge in your Netflix habit in an even more addictive way than before. No judging.