This New Deadpool Clip Reveals A Softer Side To Ryan Reynolds’ Wisecracking Character

We know Deadpool as the randy wisecracker who flouts the laws of the Marvel universe as a bad-mouthed and ultra-violent anti-hero, a cynical joker who smirks at pretty much everyone and everything. Like, imagine if Captain America had a personality and a sense of humour. But a new clip from the upcoming Deadpool movie reveals the superhero character has – or had – a more romantic side.

The character, once a normal bloke called Wade Wilson who was given superpowers by the shady organisation Weapon X, first appeared in Marvel comics in the early ‘90s. Then Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a portrayal that many fans found disappointing. But anticipation for his own big screen outing – again starring Reynolds in the title role – began to mount when test footage leaked in early 2015 (it’s now been expunged from the internet) and the movie will park its red spandexed behind at UK cinemas on February 10.

A couple of trailers – rude and non-rude – for the distinctly grown-up super movie have confirmed that Deadpool’s penchant for snark and gore remain intact, but this newly released clip sees Wade, pre-transformation, indulging his softer side. That’s Morena Bacarrin as girlfriend Vanessa, who seems to misinterpret his suggestion for the, erm, next stage of their relationship. Still, at least those Christmas jumpers are wholesome.