This Parody Video Combines Your Favourite Things: Game of Thrones and Taking The Piss Out Of Donald Trump

To be honest, the mad shit Donald Trump comes out with, it doesn’t really need parodying. It’s already the most demented satire imaginable. Take this batshit massive he came out with, regarding immigration: “The greatest builder is me. And I would build the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. And in that wall, we’re gonna have a beautiful, big, fat door where people can come in to the country, but they have to come in legally.”

Could he possibly mean this literally? No, even Donald Trump’s not that much of a deluded bellend. It’s just a strong image, isn’t it, something to stick in people’s minds. This kind of stuff is high drama, fantasy, epic pantomime and escapism.


Hey, you know what else those words could apply to? That’s right: Game of Thrones, the glossy swords and sandals epic everyone’s crazy about. So the Australian politics show Insiders gone done made a parody video, entitled Winter Is Trumping, that imagines the US Presidential hopeful as a character in George R. R. Martin’s series, with his head superimposed onto various characters.

Trump careers around Westeros and Essos, storming in and out of rooms, gurning, grinning, spitting out unwritable lines – his actual quotes – such as: “The people that are with me 100% are the people.” To which GOT character Tyrion’s (Peter Dinklage) response is brilliantly edited: “What?”

If there’s anything to be taken from this, it’s perhaps that Donald Trump is a ludicrous, escapist fantasy for idiots. Hard to imagine anyone who didn’t know that already, but still – the video’s pretty funny.

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