This simple iPhone hack will let you play music even louder

We’ve all been at those parties where the speakers are broken, but the music is still going. The previous go-to way to amplify your music was the old glass trick. Shove your phone in the glass upside down, and bam – your music got at least three times louder. The good vibes continue. The sound is tinnier, sure, but it’ll do the trick.

But there is a better way – we really don’t have to settle for this nonsense. As users on Twitter are discovering, there’s a pretty simple way to whack up the volume and keep the same sound quality. It’s literally right in front of your eyes.

It’s an iPhone only hack, but will probably change the way you listen to music down the park forever. Basically all you need to do is go to your setting, and look out for the ‘Music’ app.

Click through and you should see some Apple Music specific settings. You want to head to EQs.

Once you’re through to there, a variety of different listening settings will be shown. For this nifty hack, you want to click Late Night setting.

And then then you have it. You can smash out the music you love louder than you ever could before. How about starting with this one, by way of thanks…