This Six-Month-Old Carly Rae Jepsen Song Is All Over Vine Like A Rash

In September last year, Canadian pop star Carly Rae ‘Call Me Maybe’ Jepsen released her third studio album – the critically lauded but commercially disappointing ‘Emotion’. The timeless bubblegum pop of its lead single ‘I Really Like You’ helped it reach Number Three in the UK chart, while the next single, saxophone-laced banger ‘Run Away With Me’, flopped all the way down to Number 58. So why have the past two months seen ‘Run Away With Me’ spread like a rash across Vine, the Twitter for videos?

It could just be that the song’s having an ultra-slow burn – maybe people are only now hearing it for the first time – but whatever the reason, it’s the best musical meme of the year so far – ‘Run Away With Meme’, if you will. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the best ones.

This August Vine was way ahead of the curve


It gets funnier the more of them you see, and there are loads –  because the meme’s applications are endless



Here it is seamlessly soundtracking classic comedy Mean Girls

Here it is being used to comically evoke a powerful feeling of bathos

Here it is making Ross look like an impossibly good piper

And here, Lisa’s unleashing it on the Springfield Elementary orchestra.

People really like it

Like, a lot.

Even people who find it a bit embarrassing.

Even Adele and Dolly P like it.

It is also popular with sea creatures

And dudes in cars

And hordes of Pikachus

Is ‘Run Away With Me’ so Raven? Yes, it is so Raven.

Is it better than that fan who upstaged Rihanna? Probably, yes.

Is this song actually your worst nightmare? Quite possibly.

In fact, it just needs to get the hell out of here (maybe).

Goodbye, ‘Run Away With Me’!

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