This Uber driver should be working for Spotify

Putting your playlists to shame

We all have that pal – the one who demands the aux cord in your taxi or will shove you out of the way to DJ at your house party. And usually their playlist of “back-to-back bangers” is less banging, more the sad fizzle of a sparkler in snowstorm. However, one Uber driver has absolutely smashed the sought-after skill of making mad good playlists, and he’ll put yours to shame.

Uber and Lyft driver DJ, aka Twitter user @TEEJUS___, has revealed that he’s made a series of stock playlists to match people up to – and when he picks up a passenger he assigns them one of the following playlists:


People are shook at how good his playlists are:

They’re recognising that he has a very particular set of skills, skills he’s probably acquired over a very long career, and skills that make him a nightmare for other Uber drivers – as they clearly can’t compare to his playlist-creating abilities.


But more importantly they’re desperate to know what playlist category they fit under – be it the soft and understated “quiet ppl” or the brutally honest “fucking hipsters”.

And even if you’re not hopping in Tj’s cab, you can enjoy his playlists from the comfort of your own car, as they’re all available on Spotify. Hell, his playlists are so good that even Spotify themselves got in on the action:

But clearly their offering is not quite as good as @TEEJUS___’s, who’s now been offered jobs off the back of his collating talent:

What a don.

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