This Video Of A Horse Headbanging To Pantera Will Make Your Day

Here it is, folks. Here it bloody is. Your Wednesday afternoon, wrapped up in a neat, little, 26-second package.

You’ve no doubt read the title of this post and found your curiosity sufficiently aroused: “A horse?” you’re thinking. “A horse with a penchant for Pantera?” You’re stroking your chin in contemplation now. “A horse with a penchant for Pantera captured in landscape mode on someone’s smartphone?” By now, you’ve surely scrolled down the page to the embedded video below. It’s OK – we understand the fascination with it too.

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But in case you’re still with us: yes, there indeed exists a 26-second video of a horse seemingly headbanging to Pantera’s 1994 international superhit, ‘I’m Broken’. A horse which may very well have been alive for the release of the heavy metal band’s seventh studio album, ‘Far Beyond Driven’ (fun fact: the average life span of a horse is 25-30 years), which the song is taken from. A horse, who, while nonchalantly grazing in a field with its foal, is interrupted from its busy day’s work by a car filled with people enjoying the soothing sounds of the late Dimebag Darrell’s shredding guitar work and vocalist Phil Anselmo’s chilling screeches. A horse who will soon become the next internet star due to its apparent appreciation of said superhit, proven solely by the observation that it appears to be nodding its long head up and down in time with the bone-crunching metal rhythms of the Texas four-piece. A horse, everyone. A horse.

Watch the soon-to-be-sensationally-viral clip, courtesy of YouTube user James Dickson, below.