This Week’s Singles Reviewed (20th August)

Luke Turner reviews this week’s singles

The Vaccines – ‘Nørgaard’
A creepy ode to the slender charms of willowy Danish model Amanda Nørgaard, The Vaccines’ song that borrows her surname is whoopla guitar pop of equal parts Supergrass and Strokes. It’s musical nougat, sweet, sticky and destined to get stuck in your craw. Whether it’s enough to win over the affections of their muse remains to be seen.

Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Shuffle’
In 1907, patrons of Crouch End’s now-demolished music hall could
enjoy such acts of renown as Alice Fountainbleau, a “Continental Trainer Of Canine Quadrupeds”. The area’s current most famous sons, Bombay Bicycle Club, aren’t quite as specialist, but proffer entertaining fare nonetheless; the introduction of honky tonk on the ol’ joanna and a little carefree vocal scatting gives their new single a carefree, tug-yer-braces vibe.


Fixers – ‘Swimmhaus Johannesburg’
When they first emerged late last year, Fixers presented a scruffy Oxford take on psychedelia. No longer: a creaking straitjacket of major label production has been applied, with someone pulling far too tightly on the straps in an attempt to squeeze them into Duran Duran.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘The Death Of You And Me’
Noel Gallagher has become a sonic Jekyll & Hyde. If the planned cosmic collaboration with Amorphous Androgynous will see him scurrying Hyde-like through psychic alleys rattling with bad noise and evil, then ‘The Death Of You And Me’ is Gallagher as Dr Jekyll, striding proudly through the street, doffing top hat to all comers, delivering nods to The Beatles, and passing pleasantries with rhymes of “me”, “be” and “immortality”.

My Chemical Romance – ‘The Only Help For Me Is You’
Here’s another Our Love Will Survive The Apocalypse But Only If You Snog Me Right Now slab of electro-rock, Prozac-whamming emotional manipulation from Gerard and co. If they weren’t such righteous chaps, My Chemical Romance’s seemingly effortless knack for this sort of thing would be intensely infuriating.

Will Young – ‘Jealousy’
Will manages a cunning trick in the video, a tense love triangle played out via floor gymnastics and the trapeze. Is it the male or female dancer who gives him the green-eyed loco? The song itself is slightly less confusing – Young’s vocals soar over gracefully articulated pop to suit the ladies’ step aerobics class or sauna for the gentleman’s gentleman alike.

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