This YouTube Account Reveals Every Sample On Tracks By Jamie XX, Drake, Beyonce And More

Music sampling can be a right pain the arse. Just ask The Avalanches. After a 16-year wait for new music, frontman Robbie Chater admitted that their second record ‘Wildflower’, which arrives this week, was held up on several occasions due to sample clearance issues. The art of borrowing, reworking and remixing elements of other musicians work is nothing new though, but the lengthy process of clearing and paying those musicians is painstaking work.

But it can lead to some wholly unexpected musical collaborations, even if the musicians never set foot in the same studio. Jamie xx and The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson inadvertently team up on ‘In Colour’s ‘Girl’ for one and on 2010’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, Kanye West borrowed a meaty riff from 60s rock gods King Crimson for his mammoth ‘Power’.

With the help of Brazilian YouTube user Donutsample, you can now discover all the hidden sounds and Easter Eggs in some of your favourite albums. Using extensive research and a bit of technological trickery, Donutsample has taken work by huge artists like Kendrick Lamar and Outkast, extensively dug for the many samples on the biggest tracks and placed them side-by-side – so you can now hear the original beat, riff or vocal and compare it to the updated usage. Take a look at some of the eye-opening videos below to discover some of the unlikely samples you might have missed.

Jamie xx – ‘In Colour’
Surprising sample: Brian Wilson – ‘Our Prayer/Gee’ on ‘Girl’

Beyonce – ‘Lemonade’
Surprising sample: Led Zeppelin – ‘When The Levee Breaks’ on ‘Hurt Yourself’

Skepta – ‘Man (Gang)
Surprising sample: Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Regular John’

Drake – ‘Views’
Surprising sample: Malcolm McLaren – ‘World’s Famous’ on ‘Feel No Ways’

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D City’
Surprising sample: Beach House – ‘Silver Soul’ on ‘Money Trees’