This YouTuber Has Proved That Mayonnaise Is A Musical Instrument

Is Mayonnaise an instrument? It’s a question goofball starfish Patrick asks in the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, and it’s clearly been playing on the mind of one YouTuber user. Named Bombs Away, said YouTube user happens to be an EDM producer and has taken it upon himself to answer Patrick’s query.

In a recently uploaded video, we see Bombs Away waltz into a supermarket and scoop up a jar of mayonnaise, which he holds up triumphantly to the camera, before taking it straight to the studio. And that’s where the real work begins. He taps the lid a little, then empties the contents into a tupperware and pats it a little with a spoon.

Wait, is that it? ‘Course not! Bombs Away is making a banger, not sandwiches, so he fires up the production studio and gets to work. The result is amazing, then annoying, then amazing again. So, like most great dance tracks, then.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen unlikely source material turned into a tune, though. There was the time one cad wrapped an instant classic around Ricky Gervais’ laugh, while another regularly plays popular songs in the styles of multiple artists. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it is what the internet’s for.