Thom Yorke Teams Up With Banksy For ‘The Hollow Earth’

I’m not sure how I feel about Thom Yorke’s music being paired with Banksy’s urban art, as experimental filmmaker Raymond Salvatore Harmon has done with the Radiohead man’s new solo track ‘The Hollow Earth’.

Admittedly, you can see how the end result, a super-fast time-lapse affair, keys in to some of the visual themes Radiohead have traditionally explored via their artwork – the blur of logos, corporate overload, the sense of culture accelerated to the point where signs become meaningless.

But that thematic crossover is precisely the problem: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood have already covered this ground, to powerful effect. They’ve built up their own, instantly recognisable visual world. They don’t need the assistance of a self-mythologising chancer like Banksy. It’s a bit like Anthony Hegarty duetting with Dappy from N-Dubz: undignifed.

Edit: I’ve just found out the video is not, as the press release implied, the ‘official’ promo for ‘The Hollow Earth’. Which renders the thrust of this blog slightly pointless. Sorry.

‘The Hollow Earth’, by the way, is the flipside to ‘Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses’, available on 12″ from WASTE. You can hear that song below.