Thrill Jockey Special: Lazer Crystal, Future Islands, Trans Am, High Places – Free MP3s

Chicago label Thrill Jockey are just doing so much amazing stuff right now I think it’s only fair to give them their own post.

First up Lazer Crystal. You want the nonsense bio or the real one? Well, they’re “a musical node comprised of three humans and various mechanisms” or in other words Nicholas Read (electronics & vocals), Josh Johannpeter (percussion), & Mikale De Graff (vocals & electronics).

Lazer Crystal

Either way their album ‘MCMLXXX’ has blown a hole through my week. A manic series of robo-jams and future-kraut (I guess, they’re kind of slippy to categorise) it’s a record of insane dimensions that makes Hot Chip look utterly conventional.

They already sent round ‘Love Rhombus’ to the blogs (get it on XXJFG) but I much prefer this one, ‘Bad Indian’, in particular the bit where it melts down in the middle. Download it here. ‘Catch The Wave’ is outrageous too, I guess you’ll have to just get the album when it comes out on 10th May.

From the beserk to the slightly more conventional, label mates Trans Am are releasing a new studio album, ‘Thing’, in April and sent us this motorik slice of vocoder pop. Nice specs.

Trans Am

Download Trans Am‘s Apparent Horizon here

Baltimore post-wavers Future Islands, meanwhile, made their Daily Download debut a few weeks back with ‘Tin Man’ (download here), a track that managed to make the imaginary concept of Dick Valentine fronting a steel band a viable prospect. This one, with Celebration‘s Katrina Ford on vocals, is even more beautiful, echoing both lush late 80’s British pop and contemporaries like Light Asylum.

Download Future IslandsIn The Fall here

Finally, High Places release their new album ‘High Places Vs Mankind’ on Monday, and sent us this bonus track, a remix of ‘Can’t Feel Nothing’ as well as an older track you may have missed.

Download High PlacesOn Giving Up here
Download a remix of High PlacesCan’t Feel Nothing here

Oh, and in case you missed the Double Dagger track last week, here’s a reminder and the link to download.

For everything Thrill Jockey related hit up their site. What do you think of this lot then?