Throats Are Here – Be Worried


To the uninitiated (and let’s face it, at one point we’re all uninitiated in hardcore terms), that’s what Throats sound like.

Throats hardcore punk rock
(Photo courtesy of Chris Ensell via Throats’ MySpace)

Theirs is a sound so unashamedly ferocious and downright scary at times that they can feel somewhat intimidating if you’re not entirely au fait with the heavier end of the musical spectrum. Check out ‘Black Thursday’ or ‘Locked Blue’ on their MySpace and try not to wince a couple of times.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

However, try for a second time and suddenly it all becomes clear. Dark, terrifying guitars scratch against the relentless percussion, and it’s all so violent that it feels like pure black rage bubbling out of your headphones. But isn’t that rawness just gorgeously decadent in a way?