Tim Westwood – ‘The UK Scene Is Raging Right Now’

It’s Westwood about to jump off with my brand new column. We’re gonna be bringing you the heat on all the records that you need in your life from the US and UK. The UK scene is raging right now. Tinie Tempah showed you could do it with a proper record, as opposed to a European dance record. It feels big out there, so a lot of artists are very focused. Dirty South is still big, and funky house is enormous out there – that’s a zoo, man.

If you’re looking for something more offbeat, there’s always Trilla. He’s a bassline artist out of Birmingham who’s got a song called ‘Who Are Ya’, which is a sort of football chant thing. He also had a great song last year called ‘Etap’, and he had a hot summer over in Ayia Napa, so this year is pretty well cued-up for him.

You gotta keep on looking at Giggs – he’s got a new track called ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’, and he came on my show not so long ago. There’s Wiley in A-List – that’s his new thing with J2K and Shola and Sadie Ama… that’s his new crew, that’s looking pretty powerful out there.

Obviously, America continues to drive things. Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy have made a massive record in ‘All The Way Turnt Up’. There are remixes by Trey Songz, Pastor Troy, and Lil’ John, but the original’s the one that’s doing it. That’s a real zoo when that comes on.

Gucci Mane is superbig right now. He’s still in jail, but people are talking about his new track ‘Lemonade’. He’s worked with Nicki Minaj, who has to go on my list. She’s got a song called ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ which is real big.


Most importantly, there’s Drake. His track ‘Over’ is probably 2010’s most significant record so far. In fact, he’s gonna have the biggest album of the year.

Big Dawg’s 5 Phat Ones
1. Nicki Minaj – ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’
2. Drake – ‘Over’
3. Roscoe Dash & Soulja Boy – ‘All The Way Turnt Up’
4. Trilla – ‘Who Are Ya’
5. Giggs – ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’