Tim Westwood’s Scene Report – Beats, Rhymes and Strife

Look who’s back – Big Dawg Westwood is setting us straight

Right, are you ready to get it cracking? We’ve been busy since we last spoke. Done a couple of summer tours, different country each day, trying to capture the madness of it all. Faliraki and Zante are going off, and yeah, it’s definitely hot out there, let me tell you.


Anyway, Ghetts, he’s about to come back with a new mixtape which is gonna be incredible. It’s really setting up some levels, man. He’s definitely one to watch for the end of summer and into next year. He’s from Plaistow, in east London, and he’s definitely the next one from the block to blow. To me, he’s totally ready to go. He rides with Devlin and is someone who’s really gonna come with it in the next few months. And then there’s Crazy Titch, who’s serving a life sentence in prison. He’s about to release a mixtape called ‘Crazy Times Vol 2’ that he’s recorded in prison. It’s just getting done right now, and that’s real strong too.

Have I told you about Cali Swag District? They’ve come out with a jerk record called ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’, and it’s setting the place on fire. It’s real strong. They’re real strong. Then there’s Noreaga, or N.O.R.E. – and that stands for Niggas On The Run Eating – and he’s got a joint called ‘Nutcracker’ which is a tribute to the old school. He’s out of Queens and that’s a real big record as well. What else is there? I’ll tell you what – Dipset have got a new record too called ‘Salute’. They broke off in their own crews for a while but now they’re back together again and they’re definitely gonna set things on fire. Anyway, I’m flying off to Ayia Napa at 6am, so that’s all from me. I’m gonna handle that place with a live broadcast and tour. Business as usual, then!


Big Dawg’s Top 5
1. Ghetts – ‘Artillery’

2. Crazy Titch – ‘Crazy Times Vol. 2’

3. N.O.R.E. – ‘Nutcracker’

4. Dipset – ‘Salute’

5. Cali Swag District – ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’

This article originally appeared in the August 28 issue of NME

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