Tim Westwood’s Scene Report – Beats, Rhymes and Strife

The Big Dawg Tim Westwood returns loaded with bombs

Yo! What’s up! It’s the start of everyone’s summer holiday, and I’ve been busy myself too – Malia, Faliraki, Cos, Kavos and Zante. All in the last week! And you know what? I’m about to do the same all over again this week. So at the moment I got a lot on. I’m running through the resorts checking for the vibes and the parties. They’re filling up pretty good, but we’re a few down on last year. It’s definitely catching up though, and there’s gonna be a lot of hot parties coming up. The clubs are jumping from the UK already, and they’re starting to jump off in the summer resorts too.


Anyway, J Cole is also really starting to happen right now. He’s signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and Jay’s talking about how he’s gonna pass the crown on to J Cole, so there’s massive talk there. The internet’s on fire for him at the moment as well. On the grime scene are people like Dot Rotten and Voltage – you’d do well to go and check out their MySpaces. Also D Double E’s got’s a big record out there from the UK. It’s called ‘Street Fighter Riddim’ and it’s really shaking things up at the moment. Another one going big out of the UK scene at the moment is definitely P Money, he’s just jumped on the dubstep record and I think he’s gonna go hard over the summer.

I wanna flag up Wacka Flocka Flame again, even though I spoke about him last time. I just think he’s the sound of the south right now. Real thugged out, and real crazy in the dance. He’s signed to Gucci’s label and that’s given him that extra special delivery. Why am I mentioning him again? Because I think this is gonna be his summer.

The Big Dawg’s Top 5
1. J Cole – ‘Who Dat’
2. Dot Rotten – ‘Ride For Me’
3. Voltage – ‘Woooo Riddim’
4. P Money – ‘Freestyle 1Xtra’
5. D Double E – ‘Street Fighter’

This article originally appeared in the July 10 issue of NME

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