Tom DeLonge (Blink-182) – Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse. This Week: Tom DeLonge (Blink-182)


What were the two cover versions featured on ‘Flyswatter’, Blink’s first demo from 1993?
“I’m not sure they were actually on there, but we covered ‘Freak Scene’ by Dinosaur Jr and then a King Weasel song.”
Half a point. It was Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Freak Scene’ and NOFX’s ‘The Longest Line’.
“Oh shit, we did do ‘The Longest Line’. I actually remember playing that now, all those years ago. What a great song that is.”


Who was headlining above Blink-182 the last time you played Reading And Leeds Festivals in 2003?
“Easy. Linkin Park.”

Which N’Sync video is parodied in the ‘All The Small Things’ video?
“I can’t remember the name of it! All I remember from it is how funny it was and what a perfect kind of song it was to do that with but I absolutely do not remember the name of the song.”
Wrong. ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’
“I can’t even imagine anyone naming a song ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’! That’s the best name I’ve ever heard… and the fact that there’s no ‘g’ on it makes it even better.”

Which song of yours features a guest appearance from Robert Smith?
“That’s easy, it’s ‘All Of This’ which is our best song. We did bring out Robert Smith onstage one time to sing ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, but we played it like a punk band, about 10 times faster. He was drunk and he got lost and he’s got all his make-up on and and he’s looking back at us like, ‘What are you doing?’”

What was your drummer Travis Barker’s original stage name in his previous band The Aquabats?
“Wasn’t it… Tito or something? Those were great times, when he used to wear goggles and wetsuits and stuff like that. People loved The Aquabats, man, they were so much fun.”
Half a point. It was The Baron Von Tito

Identify from which song the following lyric is taken: “At the risk of sounding rude/Just who the fuck do you think you are/To tell me what
you expect of me today?”

“That’s ‘Fentoozler’ from our first album. Although I have to admit, if you had asked me to recite a lyric from that song, there’s no way that I would have been able to. When did we play it? Oh, that would have been part of the cycle around 15 years ago.”


What three awards have Blink picked up at the Teen Choice Awards?
“I still have the surfboard from that… I guess they must have been given for Best Band or Best Rock Band or something like that.”
Half a point. It was Choice Rock Group (2000) and Best Rock Group (2001) for
the band, and Choice Love Song (2004) for ‘Miss You’

“Nice! That is a good love song!”

What was the title of the 2003 episode of The Simpsons in which Blink-182 featured?
“Oh, I don’t remember the title of it or anything, it was, like, the 200th episode or something like that, and all I remember was that Tony Hawk was in it.”
Wrong. The episode was called ‘Barting Over’, during which Bart leaves home, discovers he is living in the same building as Tony Hawk, who throws a party with Blink playing.
“We just played a Tony Hawk party, actually. He recently held a fundraiser in LA for skate parks and stuff like that, which we did. We only do things that are actually on The Simpsons!”

Which song on the album by Box Car Racer (side-project of Tom and Travis) features Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory?
“That’s ‘Cat Like Thief’. It’s an awesome song. What they did on that song was really unique at the time.”

In American Pie, which member of Blink-182 exclaims, “Go, trig boy! It’s your birthday!” while watching Jim try to lose his virginity on a webcam?
“Of course that’s Mark [Hoppus], he was always better at the improv-type stuff. I saw that not long ago, and he looks so young and impressionable.”

Total Score: 6.5/10
“Hmm… well, obviously we’re not the sort of people who look back on our accomplishments and keep them categorised and archived for future use! We just do our thing and move forward. See you at Reading And Leeds!”

Blink-182 headline the Main Stage at Reading (Sun 29) and Leeds (Sat 28). Check out here for full coverage.

This article originally appeared in the August 28 issue of NME

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