Tom Hanks’ ‘Desert Island Discs’ Was One Of The Sweetest Ever

Hollywood nice guy Tom Hanks was Kirsty Young’s castaway on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs back in May, and his appearance was hands-down one of the sweetest ever in the show’s 74 year history.

Of course, as the star of 2000’s island survivor movie Castaway, his turn on the radio programme has been a long time coming. If you’re not familiar with the format, every week a different public figure of note is invited to talk about the eight songs that they’d take with them to listen to were they marooned on a desert island. Tom’s tracks weren’t particularly cool or leftfield, but his stories, his charm and sheer charisma made it one of the finest 40 minutes of radio we’ve heard since the comedian Kathy Burke went on the same show back in 2010.

From Dusty Springfield stirring his loins, to his love for his wife of 28 years, the actress and Rita Wilson, or his lovely turn of phrase (“I chewed up school like a delicious meal”), Tom’s tales showed off a genuine warmth and humour that made us feel all gooey inside.


The real heartbreaker though was when Tom broke down in tears as he spoke about why he decided to get involved in theatre – to deal with his feelings of loneliness. “What have you done to me!” he said to Kirsty as sobbed gently. “I’ve put far too much thought into this list.” Tom. We feel you.

Listen to Tom on the show by clicking here.

Tom Hanks Desert Island Discs are:

Dean Martin & Line Renaud – Relax-Ay-Voo
The Beatles – There’s A Place
Dusty Springfield – Doodlin
Strauss – Also Sprach Zarathustra
Alfred Newman, Ken Darby – How The West Was Won
Tallking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Derek and the Dominos – Layla