Tom Vek, ‘A Chore’ (Bretonlabs Remix)

Of all the conspiracy theories that preceded the return of Tom Vek – was he was touring China? Studying law in Slough? Breeding dogs? Did he even exist?!!! – the closest to the mark was that he was working with South London group Breton. Legend has it Mr Vek produced tracks on the band’s EPs, the most recent of which, Counter Balance,  was released in December last year. 

Tom Vek

But, while even that was debunked somewhere along the way, the remix wing of the Hemlock band have now worked A Chore in to a whomping rave track. Even the sharp Vek vocals are dwarfed by the melee of thuds and synths. Perhaps one for Fabric instead of the indie disco?

The band will support Vek on his upcoming UK tour.

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