Tommy Sparks – Northern Hotties and Kebabs

May 17th: Manchester

Mancheeeeeeester! I love the kebabs here they are so fresh! Abduls is the best. As I write this I’m in my aeroplane leaving the city going to the mountains to do a after show party for Lord Sasquatch.

did a killer show last night and I wanna send out a big thanks to all the ladies in the crowd – you were so hot. Also, Shout outs to all the crazy manchester people. Thanks for being sooooo good to me at the show. It’s nice when people let go and don’t give a f@?k and your city seems to be very good at that.

I’m out! Take care and remember to wear a helmet. X

P.S. Every wondered what a “loon call” sounds like? Wonder no more…. check our clip.