Top 5 New Videos Of The Week

The View ‘Shock Horror’

The Dundonian heroes step into their glad rags for new clip ‘Shock Horror’ to play an alternative version of the Spanish game Piñata – minus the rainfall of sweets at the end.

Of Montreal – ‘An Eluardian Instance’

Of Montreal demonstrate how perfect summer days at the beach should be spent. Take note – must-haves include a pair of multi-coloured sunglasses, one kite, novel and an endless supply of Pimm’s. See you there.

V V Brown – ‘L.E.A.V.E!’

Not to be watched under the influence. The London-based popstrel causes a stir, literally, in her new video to L.E.A.V.E! The single will be released on March 2.

Barry Adamson ‘People’

The Ex-Bad Seed attempts to eradicate our faith in human kindness for good by recruiting a sinister alien to repeat gloomy lyrics continually throughout his ingenious video to new single ‘People’.

Emmy The Great ‘First Love’

Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Emmy elegantly chants what strongly resembles ‘Hallelujah’ in her one-take video to new single ‘First Love’. Emmy’s debut LP,,also titled ‘First Love’, is due for release on February 2.