Top 5 New Videos Of The Week

Franz Ferdinand ‘Ulysses’

Sure to get the most shy of disco wallflowers onto the dancefloor, Franz’s comeback single has everything you’d expect the Glaswegian gents to provide: a throbbing bassline, addictive chorus and Alex’s sexily growled vocals.

Paul McCartney ‘222’


Marco Sandeman’s clip for Paul McCartney’s bonus track from ‘Memory Almost Full’, ‘222’, is a psychedelic piece that feels more like a science experiment than a traditional promo. Good to see the former Beatle rediscovering his hippy roots.

Keane ‘Perfect Symmetry’

Described by Tom Chaplin as “an anthem of peace”, the title track to their last album has intense echoes of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rapsody’. The accompanying video contains plenty of disco-fabulous strobe lighting, lots of close-ups of the band and bucketloads of male emotion.

Tommy Sparks ‘I’m A Rope’
Chicago-based songwriter Tommy Sparks resorts to magic in his latest video when he gets a Paul McKenna type to hypnotise a bunch of school kids. When he eventually arrives on stage, they all believe he is the best thing since Calvin Harris – it’s magic after all.

Kid Cudi ‘Day ‘N’ Nite’

The Cleveland-based rapper plays a bored shop assistant whose mind wanders when his is left in charge. Though things soon hot up when his customers start arriving in latex underwear. Cudi recently made NME’s shortlist of acts to watch in 2009.