Top 5 New Videos Of The Week – Madness, Ebony Bones, The Dykeenies

Madness – ‘Dust Devil’
Donkey Punch star Jamie Winstone and her real life boyfriend Alfie Allen feature in the ska legends’ new promo. The couple cause havoc roaming the streets, before eventually parting ways after a barney. The single is released May 11.

The Blackout ‘Children Of The Night’
The Welsh six-piece step back into the 1940s and chant about being ‘children’, while families around them continue their gruelling routine of nights trapped under the stairs with gasmasks.

Matt And Kim ‘Lessons Learned’
The lean-muscled Brooklyn duo cause a stir when they take a stroll through Times Square and end up striping off entirely – definitely one way to spice up the afternoon.

The Dykeenies ‘Sounds Of The City’
The Scottish indie-titans are back, cutting production costs in favour of a homemade video. Though the concept is unclear, it does feature them stepping out of wardrobes and dancing in car parks.

Ebony – ‘The Muzik’
This DIY piece took 20 cities, 10 directors and a barrage of individuals, filmed across the globe, who were asked to interpret their own dance for the track on camera. As you’ll see, some did better than others.