Top 5 New Videos Of The Week – Madness, Girls, Chief

Girls ‘Lust For Life’
Showing what girls do behind closed doors, this light-hearted promo sees San Fran’s Girls put on their high heels, dance around their bedrooms and sing about getting a suntan.

Chief ‘Your Direction’
Using a reel of undeveloped film found in a garage, the clips show a friend’s grandpa enjoying the family life. You can see the start of some classic fashion trends here.

Madness ‘Sugar Spice’
Madness dig out their glad-rags to sing about ‘all things nice‘ and reminisce about shopping trips to Marks And Spencers, all with nothing but an umbrella to tell the tale.

Hey Negrita ‘One Mississippi’
The first instalment of a bizarre three-part animation series that sees a ‘Toy Story’-type blues outfit conquer loudly groaning zombies with microphone sticks, only to get eaten by another batch soon after – out August 31.

Aviv Geffen ‘It Was Meant To Be A Love Song’
Israeli songwriter Aviv Geffen is already big in his home country, but in an attempt to win over the rest of us, he whips out his torso for the song’s entirety. Not completely painful or convincing.