Top 5 New Videos Of The Week – VV Brown, Crystal Stilts, The Do

The Do -‘The Bridge Is Broken’
The Little-known Paris-based duo cut out the middleman by filming in their suburban studio. The relentless soaring female vocals will definitely create the Marmite effect, if nothing else.

Crystal Stilts – ‘Love Is A Wave’
The dark Crystals remain in the ’70s for their new promo, which is made up of random clips of chimps kicking back at the beach, classic ‘Road Runner’ cartoons and masked housewifes.

Violens – ‘Already Over’
The emotionally comfortable New Yorkers recruit George Michael to execute the vibe of ’80s Manhattan in their new video. Though he wasn’t actually on set, the slow moving vintage footage does the job nicely.

VV Brown – ‘Shark In The Water’
Recently named our Number One must-hear track of the week – this soulful sass enters a run-down blues cafe to sing along with fellow musicians before taking an afternoon stroll by the canal.

Robot Disaster -‘Guitars Are Overated’
The outspoken Midlands five-piece, currently on the road to V, pass the day by swearing and moaning about social networking sites and how rubbish their guitars are, all from the back garden. Nice lads.