Tove Lo’s Five Point Guide To Getting Over A Breakup

Tove Lo is a cool girl. She's sexy, self-assured and confident AF. But even she has suffered her fair share of heartbreak. Relationship splits are horrible, but for Tove Lo, there's an art to picking yourself back up again. The next time life gives you lemons, don't stop to wonder why. Follow Tove's guide to getting back on top - step one: tequila.

1. Grab the tequila

“I don’t feel like I’m a comfort food person (I eat my comfort food whenever I want to eat it), but… Tequila, I’d go for the tequila. I do the classic breakup thing and go out and act like an idiot, just because I can. Go raving. Dancing is good. I usually go on some kind of escape, whether that’s going out and going crazy, or going on some random trip or just getting f**ked up.”

2. Enjoy your freedom

“There’s something freeing in that time when you’re just really heartbroken and you kind of lose sense of the consequences. You just don’t really care. And when you accept that feeling of, ‘I’m on the bottom now and it can’t get worse,’ there’s something kind of freeing in that. You can relax in that, you’re not striving for anything all the time, you’re not trying to make it better because you’re usually so exhausted from it, trying to make a relationship better.”

3. Do some soul searching

“All the breakups I’ve had have all been very intense and passionate and rough – and after that you’re kind of exhausted. So I usually go on an escape. Just remember who you are outside that person, especially if it was an intense relationship, and remember you’re not defined by whatever happened between you two.”

4. Tidy your room


“Then I sort of pull myself together a little bit, because you kind of need to after a while. I organise things at home, like clean out my closet – do all that weird stuff. I never, like, burn photos or anything, but I’ll put them in a box.”

5. Write a song about it

“After that I’ll usually write a song. I write so much during the relationship as well, like it’s an ongoing thing. Every step. A song that was about a different relationship, if I’m in that same situation with a new person, then those feelings can sort of go over even with that new situation. It can vary but usually when I write about it that’s how I move on. So when I’ve written about it that’s when I’ve found my way forward and I’m over it a little bit.”