Tove Lo’s seven greatest songs

Top tracks from the Swedish pop powerhouse

Tove Lo has taken the world by storm with five Platinum singles and has been nominated for many awards such as the Grammys, Critic’s Choice and the MTV Europe Music Awards. Even better – she headlined September’s ‘Girls to the Front’, the NME gig series showcasing female talent. So why not enjoy seven of her greatest songs?

‘Habits (Stay High)’ (2014)

What it’s about: There are people who – after break-ups – can get on with life and act like nothing happened. Tove Lo is not one of those people, and pop music is all the better for it.
What makes it great: Whether you listen to the Hippie Sabotage remix or the original version, this oldie-but-goodie’s relatablity is key. We’ve all had a real bad heartbreak somewhere down the line. Plus the echoing “uh uh” adlib is hypnotising.

‘Bad As The Boys’ (2019)


What it’s about: There’s a myth among females that if they were to go out with the same sex, there’d be no such thing as heartache. Tove busts this myth on ‘Bad as the Boys’.
What makes it great: The synths dancing in the intro instantly hook you in, as Tove and ALMA tell you their woes via silky vocals.

‘Talking Body’ (2015)

What it’s about: This sensual track about a rebellious relationship that relies on sex and drugs. Everything for a happy and stable relationship, right?
What makes it great: Tove Lo’s vocals reign supreme with this electric-pop ballad, which uses simple lyrics (“You got a perfect one, so put it on me”) to epic effect.

‘Bitches’ (2018)

What it’s about: One night stands.
What makes it great: Featuring a plethora of female talent (Charli XCX, ALMA, Icona Pop, and Elliphant), it really flips the misogynist tone of my many songs on said subject matter.

‘Cool Girl’ (2016)


What it’s about: Cool Girl is all about stripping all labels from a relationship. Especially if you really just want some fun, but lack the commitment skills to be in a relationship.
What makes it great: The contrast of the slow and mellow verses compared to the liveliness of the refrain. See you on the dance floor.

‘Shedontknowbutsheknows’ (2017)

What it’s about: All the cheaters out there – this one’s for you. This is an imaginative take on infidelity as Tove Lo takes an outsiders’ view.
What makes it great: This track has an inspired techno approach. The bouncy nature of the beat makes you involuntarily move, and her isolated vocals creates a bracing shift in sound at the chorus.

‘Really don’t like u’ (2019)

What it’s about: When you see your ex in the club with a new girl, you get this bitter feeling. This track especially explores the way you inevitably compare yourself and his new girlfriend.
What makes it great: Along with Aussie her Kylie Monogue, Tove lo sings with a pop icon to prove her place in the industry. The minimalistic style of the beat lets the rhythm shine. The song is just so free-flowing and sonically soothing, even if the scenario is a little stressful in actuality.

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