Track Exclusive – Pond, ‘XanMan’

I toyed with the idea of titling this blog ’50 reasons why ‘XanMan’ by Pond is the greatest rock record of the year’. And then following it up next week with one called ’50 more reasons why ‘XanMan’ by Pond is the greatest rock record of the year’.

But I’m lazy and I have a cold, so instead I’ll just talk you through my favourite moments on the track, which is TOTALLY epic and makes me think of, variously, ‘Rock’N’Roll Damnation’ by AC/DC, Spinal Tap, Wayne Coyne at his most Zappa, and that scene in The Simpsons when the granny plays ‘In the Garden of Eden’ at Springfield church.

Rock’s got really, really serious of late (save for the new QOTSA album), but Pond know there’s still a place for big dumb riffs that sound utterly heroic, absurd outros which could be great songs themselves and throwaway lyrics that mean everything and nothing all at the same time. It is, I think, written partly about someone who takes way too much Xanax, and partly about singer Nick Allbrook himself, who FasterLouder recently described as “a perfect cross between Johnny Rotten, Thom Yorke and Benjamin Button.”

Watch this live vid of ‘XanMan’ from SXSW 2012 (complete with Nick jumping in the audience and singing right up in Alexa Chung’s face) and tell me you don’t agree with that. Rock and/or roll, basically:

‘XanMan’ is taken from the Perth collective’s forthcoming album ‘Hobo Rocket’, released on August 5.