Track Exclusive – Young Fathers, ‘Get Up’

‘Get Up’ is the latest cut from Young Fathers’ first studio album ‘DEAD’ following EPs ‘Tape One’ and ‘Tape Two’. Signed now to Anticon and Big Dada, the trio, from Liberia, Nigeria and Scotland, will release the record in early February. ‘Get Up’ suggests it’ll be something to keep your ear on. The track’s a blast of screwed, foghorn bass, a catchy riff that sticks in your mind like a sticky burr, all floodlit by a warm and euphoric chorus. A soundtrack to a Dystopian carnival, perhaps. Edinburgh-born G describes the new album thus: “The funeral procession, the last hoorah… It’s called DEAD because I can say it out loud and it means nothing.”

You can preorder ‘DEAD’ here and check out tour dates here.