Track Premiere – Hear The Scruffy, Melodic Charm Of Dalton’s ‘What Should Never End’

LA musician Nate Harar operates under the moniker Dalton. On February 23, he’ll release his self-titled debut album on Fierce Panda, inviting the world into his bubble of “no-frills”, emo-tinged lo-fi pop. ‘What Should Never End’ is the perfect introduction to that, glimmering melodies presented in scruffy production like sparkling white trainers deliberately battered and dirtied to make them seem more lived in. “I wish I could but it never goes my way,” sighs Harar over Replacements-esque guitars, smothered in a rattling fuzz. There’s a charm to his melancholy, though – one that draws you in and holds you close until the song’s final notes.