The Libertines’ Tour Poet Ponders Brexit In This New Poem

With just a week to go until the EU referendum on June 23, the result is massively up in the air.

The Libertinestour poet and Trampolene frontman Jack Jones has knocked up a poem for NME in which he considers the options of each side. Based on the indecisive Clash hit ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’, Jones’ verse tackles immigration, walking to Europe with his guitar and, er, Greggs.

Read it in full below.


“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” (with apologies to The Clash)

Uncle Fred and auntie Doris
Is it Cam or is it Boris?
Should we remain or should we leave
Don’t know who I should believe

Will there be law and order
If we can’t control our border
Who’s gonna run the nation
If we clamp down on immigration

It’s always blah blah blah
Stash your cash in Panama
Mr Farage fat cigar
Referendum blah blah blah

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now
If we leave there could be trouble
If we remain
It could be double

There’s somethings I need to know
Before I vote Yes or No


They say the French are great with eggs
But all the same I’ll stick with Greggs
If we vote leave or vote remain
Can grandad Bill still live in Spain?

My dentist is the best
Must he return to Bucharest?
My polish girlfriend is ambitious
Says we should move to Mauritius

Should I stay or Should I go?
Should I cool it or should I blow
I’m afraid I just don’t know

Will I laugh or will I grieve
If we remain or if we leave
How should we behave
Stick with Gove or go with Dave?

Once went on a trip to France
Might vote remain and take a chance
My aunty Sharon used to say
We’ll soon be German anyway

Corbyn says we should remain
Has he always felt the same?
I’d walk to Europe with my guitar
If it was run by Cantona

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now
If we stay there could be trouble
If we leave
It could be double

Think I’ll vote ‘in’ rather than ‘out’
Coz being in’s what life’s about
Need to sign up coz I’m new
Hope the computer let’s me through…

Come Brexit day where will I be?
Off my tree at Glastonbury
Whatever the economy
I’ll still be Stoney Broke but free

Trampolene’s new single ‘The Gangway’ is released July 1.

Live dates:

Bedford Esquires (June 18)
Glastonbury Festival (25)
Preston Ferret (July 9)
Latitude Festival (17)
Y Not Festival (30)
Kendall Calling (31)
Party in the Pines Festival (August 6)
Dundee Buskers (12)


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