Trash Talk – Gallows’ Mates Will Burn Your Face Off (Free MP3)

You know when you really want to see a band but they’re not playing in your town, so you go on an epic, cross-country adventure to witness their personal brand of destruction only get stuck on a train and end up comfort eating your way through the loss of a gig with 2 Milky Ways and some carbohydrate-based snack which makes you smell of cheese? Yeah, me too.

Having missed out on Sacramento hardcore punk thrashers Trash Talk during their UK tour in August, I’m now getting over excited at the prospect of their November/December return supporting Gallows. This is why:

Get me? Good. In 2005 they fell out of hell with a demo in their pocket (on God damn cassette no less) and in the last four years have worked their way up, gaining mega respect from their peers on a reputation of sterling live shows combining punk, metal and what appears to be some kind of evil genius.


More recently, their Albini-produced (slightly weird eh?) full-length, the band’s eponymous 2008 album, has secured Trash Talk as an underground buzz amongst dirty hardcore fans on a few different continents. I am definitely one of those fans.

Since gaining a loyal (but potentially potent/hairy) following in the US – they recently toured with The Bronx – Trash Talk are hopefully about to get bigger in blighty thanks to Watford’s ginger-fronted reprobates bringing them to a town near you (actually not IN my town once again – TT, show Manchester some love you noisy bastards!)

For tour dates, check out their Myspace.

Their lyrics may be a doom fest, as heard in the scriblings behind ‘Sacramento is Dead’ for example, “Amidst the struggle, the sun is burning my fucking flesh/When this city’s dead we’ll all go underground to rest in misery/The sun will never shine on me again/the world could never fucking care and when it’s all over we will arise from the ashes of your worthless fucking pity“, but you’d struggle to feel depressed with this much frantic energy and aggression shredding your senses.

There’s no time to sit around and eat Quavers this time, prepare for a pre-Christmas invasion with a free and exclusive MP3 of said classic/killer tune ‘Sacramento Is Dead’.

Right-click and save-as to download Trash Talk‘s ‘Sacramento Is Dead’here.