Tribes’ Johnny Lloyd – Christmas Q&A

We chat with the Tribes man about meeting Flea, his poor attempts at speaking Italian and his hatred for Viva Brother and Simon Cowell.

What are your plans this Christmas?
We’re on tour ’til December 18, we’re in Europe at the moment and then we’re in America, then I’ll go and see the nan in Liverpool. Get some relax time before next year.”

What’s been your highlight of 2011?
Probably Reading Festival I think – it was the first time we’ve heard people singing back at us and loads of people came out to see us.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you this year?
The weirdest thing was in Tokyo when Flea walked into our dressing room. We were playing at Summersonic festival and we were backstage after our show, Flea walked into our dressing room and was just like ‘How’s it going?’ It was fucking nuts. I think he’s a fan, he heard the set; it was amazing for me and their drummer Chad is our drummer Miguel’s hero. It was really surreal and just cool that they’d come and talk to us, they were there for half an hour or so.

And your embarrassing moment of the year?
That was probably about two days ago in Milan. I was doing an interview and they’d forgotten to send a translator so I sat there for half hour talking in really bad broken Italian and they weren’t very happy about it. It was on a live radio station as well so it was fucking retarded.

Can you speak Italian?
Really badly, I can order a coffee. They were like “Can you give me a breakdown of the album tracks?”… No, I can’t. The radio DJ just held the microphone in my face until I said something.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
I’d really like to meet Jimmy Page, he’s my hero. That would be my number one wish. There’s a lot going on next year so I just want people to get their hands on the album really, that’s what I’m thinking about.”

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
Probably the leather jacket that Jimmy bought me last year, I haven’t taken it off since.

And the best present you’ve ever given?
I went halfs on a car for my mum last year, a little old Mini. It was only £200 quid but it was a good car.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?
I’m gonna stop smoking. Its totally unrealistic but I’m gonna try really hard ‘cos I shouldn’t be smoking that much doing the singing and all the rest of it.

What’s been your most ridiculous new year’s eve party?
We went to a Superman themed party two years ago, walked in there and realised it was a massive gay night with loads of people dressed as Superman. We thought it was gonna be a massive chick fest, but we got to Old Blue Last at like nine in the morning, realised it was just blokes and twigged it was a gay Superman party. Felt like complete twats. We stayed though, had a great time.

How will you top it this year?
We’re playing at the Forum for the Wheelbarrow New Year’s Eve party which is gonna be fucking massive. We’re on at midnight as well so I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s the true meaning of Christmas?
It’s probably the only time I get to see the family, see my nan and everyone, so I guess it’s that.

Hero of the year?
I’m going to say Tom Cowan from The Horrors because I think what he did on their album is absolutely spectacular. I really, really enjoyed that album, it’s the most impressed I’ve been all year. Album of the year definitely.

And your villain of the year?
Am I allowed to say Lee from Viva Brother? Or Simon Cowell for making another fucking X Factor.

What’s the weirdest present a fan’s given you?
It wasn’t for Christmas but I got a cake in Liverpool last time we were there. I wasn’t sure if I was going to eat it because the person who gave it to me was a bit funny. I don’t know whether or not it was a birthday cake but it had candles and stuff. I just said thanks and quickly put it away.

Who are your dream Christmas party guests?
I’m gonna say Jimmy Page, Jack White, Lana Del Rey – she is seriously hot – and let’s go with Pamela Anderson. That’s always been a lifetime dream of mine. I don’t know why, she isn’t my type…

And which one would you want to meet under the mistletoe most?
Probably Pam – I’ll probably meet Lana at some point so I don’t wanna get too weird on her.