Trump, Hotline Bling and Pointless Petitions: The Things We Want To Leave Behind In 2015

2015 has seen some pretty sweet moments, but we’d be lying if we said everything went well this year. In fact, here’s a whole list of things we would rather see the back of in 2016.

Hotline Bling meme-ery
In the week following the release of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video we saw internet pop culture at its finest. But that time has passed and so should all of the gifs, especially if we want to be able to remember this moment of peak meme with any fondness.

The X Factor
Sorry Simon, but The X Factor is a sick puppy and it needs to be put down. we might have stuck the boot in a fair few times this series but rightly so – it’s been a shitshow from start to finish. An underwhelming set of judges, presenting gaffes and an entirely forgettable winner in Louisa Johnson all but hammered the final nail in the coffin for this once-formidable staple of Saturday night TV.

Pointless Film Remakes
For every fantastic original film this year (Ex Machina, Inside Out, Sicario) we are burdened with the news that some Hollywood bigwig thinks it’s a great idea to remake a classic. Newsflash: it isn’t. This year it was revealed that Jumanji was going to be remade and we also got a god-awful reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. But the cherry on top? A Memento remake was announced for no apparent reason other than money.

Lying Musicians
2015 promised to deliver so many hotly-tipped albums, yet the buzziest failed to come to fruition. Kanye West teased ‘SWISH’ all year long, Rihanna’s album ‘Anti’ was rumoured to drop imminently but never did, and god only knows what happened to Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – slated for release in July. Perhaps some of these artists need to take a leaf out of Adele’s album promotion guide when it comes to 2016. She kept it under close guard, premiered a 15 second snippet of new music in a TV advert out of nowhere and a month later, we got ‘25’. Perfect. Artists of 2015 – if you could please wait until your album is finished, before you announce it, that’d be great.

Hating on Justin Bieber
2015 was the year we all became Beliebers. He owned 2015 by seemingly fessing up to his bad behaviour and delivering ‘Purpose’, an album finally worth the hype. As the year progressed, it became increasingly uncool to use Bieber as a punchbag for cheap lols.

Hip-Hop Haters
Hip-Hop on the UK festival scene went suitably supernova this past year as Pharrell, Drake and Kendrick Lamar all dominated fields and park’s across the country. Of course, the hip-hop haters were out in the usual force, petitioning and whinging that ‘rap has no place’ at Glasto to Reading. The notion that hip-hop cannot command huge festival slots has been well and truly flattened, and as the next wave of festival announcements arrive, we hope to see less doubters and more converts.

We get it. You don’t like X so you’re going to sign petition Y to stop them from going to Z. Even in the last few months there was a totally pointless campaign to block Phil Collins returning to music, which raised just 5,000 signatures. The creator eventually backtracked and claimed it was simply a silly joke, but either way, he looked like a pillock and so did you when you shared it on Facebook.

Donald Trump
In the beginning, Donald Trump seemed too goofy to ever be considered as a real candidate for to be the next POTUS, but lo and behold, it’s now December and it’s a worryingly real proposition. His racist rhetoric has got stronger and his support has too. And it was Trump who killed the Hotline Bling meme when he appeared on SNL in October.

Gig Gropers
It’s always been an issue, but this year bands decided to call out pervy dudes at shows on stage and on social media. About time. Much credit must go to Girls Against, a group of teenage girls looking to finish this universal problem once and for all.