The best Twitter reactions to Trump’s inauguration

You've gotta laugh, right?

It’s official: Donald Trump is President. At a ceremony in Washington DC, Trump’s swearing in was watched by 10,000 people, including former rival Hillary Clinton and predecessor Barack Obama.

Always on hand to make light of a tense situation, Twitter was ready to give its take on the whole situation. Here’s a collection of the best bits and funniest responses.

‘President Trump’. People on Twitter just weren’t feeling it:

Neither were a lot of those in Washington DC:

Or Michelle Obama:

Or Joe Biden:

Even Trump’s own son didn’t want to be there:

Some wanted to bury their head in the sand for the next four years:

You half-expected Kanye to interrupt and point out how Obama had the best inauguration of “allll timeee”:

But no, it happened. Trump officially became the President of the United States:

A man who doesn’t seem able to dress himself:

Or behave himself properly in public:

Whose own wife dodges his PDA attempts:

Pathetic fallacy ensued:

But one former President came prepared:

There were some lighter moments too. Like the definite Star Wars vibes going on:

And Paddington Bear homages too:

At least it’s all behind us now, here’s to the next four years: