Should you be trying out for University Challenge?

Are you ready for your starter for 10?

Freshers’ week is almost over – and it’s now time to settle down at uni, join a few societies and (gasp) maybe go to a few lectures?

But most importantly – it’s time to decide on whether you should embark on the most magical of educational experiences – whether you should be applying to be on your uni’s University Challenge team.

The iconic British quiz show has been running for decades; but relaunched in its current format in 1994, bringing us the absolute boy Jeremy Paxman as the quizmaster. Quintessentially British, this is the show that’s brought us Monkmania and a newfound respect for leather vests; its given us countless parodies, and a best selling book and film in the form of ‘Starter for 10’. Previous contestants include the iconic trio of Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry and Malcolm Rifkind; and you could be next.

Fancy this as your moment in the spotlight? Take our quiz, made up of past University Challenge questions, to see if you should be competing in the ultimate brainbox battle.

All questions in this quiz have been taken from episodes of BBC’s University Challenge broadcast on 25 September 2017 and 18 September 2017.