Here’s How You Can Turn Your Favourite Gig Ticket Into An Ace Doormat For Your Home

Were you really a teenage indie head if you didn’t have every gig ticket you’d ever collected stuck to your bedroom wall? The practice of collecting ticket stubs has long been a obsession for music fans, as much as trying to catch that drumstick lobbed from the stage or a crusty old setlist from in front of the feet of the aloof bass player. While they all might not weather so well over time, there’s now a way to preserve your gig ticket and have it become a key part of your home.

Yes, a doormat. What better way to remind you of the time you saw your favourite band before they got big or your very first festival by having the ticket from that momentous occasion immortalised in doormat form? As reported by Consequence of Sound, Lakeside Photo Works in the US has begun a service that will take your favourite gig tickets and turn it into a mug, or – and this is the bit we love – a ticket-shaped doormat. You can send pictures of the ticket in yourself or the actual ticket (which they’ll return, don’t worry) and they’ll do all the hard work of turning into a the coolest doormat you’ll ever own for a cool $34 – which is roughly £25.70 in English cash money.

If you’ve got a ticket stub leftover from a noughties Walkmen gig, I can’t believe you haven’t done it already.